Journal subject areas

Geochronology's subject areas are defined by the following index terms. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for the assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual associate editors:

  • amino acid racemization;
  • argon/argon dating;
  • cosmogenic nuclide dating;
  • electron spin resonance dating;
  • helium diffusion systems;
  • fission track;
  • luminescence dating;
  • radiocarbon dating;
  • tephra;
  • geochronological data analysis/statistics/modelling;
  • stratigraphic/cyclostratigraphic;
  • U-series;
  • longlived radio-isotope systems;
  • dating water and ice.

If your manuscript does not exactly fit one of these subjects, please select "other" during manuscript submission. An associate editor will be assigned based on the best perceived editorial fit.