Reviewer recognition

Copernicus Publications is very interested in providing the best possible service for its users. One stakeholder group which is extremely important for the quality assurance of scientific literature is reviewers. However, many reviewers feel that their efforts are barely acknowledged.

To tackle this problem Copernicus publishes for each of its peer-reviewed journals an annual list of the names of all reviewers who provided their input. Within Copernicus' journals applying the Interactive Public Peer Review, each referee comment (RC) gets an individual DOI which makes it citable in an easy manner. However, this might not be enough to reward the work that reviewers provide.

Amongst a few other services, Publons has emerged to address this problem. At Publons, reviewers can effortlessly track, verify, and showcase their peer-review contributions across the world's journals. Thus, they can build a complete and independently verified record of their peer reviewing activity.

Reviewers can register for free and build their profile on Publons. Several thousand reviews relating to articles published in Copernicus' open-access journals are on Publons. Please consider whether you want to get credit for your review work, too.